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White Gold Engagement Rings

There simply is nothing like the quiet elegance and beauty of a white gold engagement ring particularly when it sets a clear cut diamond.

About White Gold Engagement Rings
White gold has steadily risen in popularity as the preferred metal for engagement ring bands a few years after Wold War II, when platinum use was limited only for military-related manufacture. Before that period, it was actually platinum that reigned when it came to rings. These days, however, largely due to the very steep price of platinum, white gold is more popular.

Understanding the metal

White gold is a type of alloy that is derived from adding certain metals such as silver, palladium and nickel to pure gold. It can also be plated with rhodium in order to attain that pale luminescence. The coating, however, will just wear away over time so you will need to replace it at least every five years to keep the brilliant white hue.

White gold is usually measured in karats just as yellow gold is. Typical markings include 18k, 14k, and 9k, and you will usually find the quality stamp inside the ring’s band. In an eighteen-karat white gold, the metal is composed of 25% white metal and 75% gold. Nine karats means that the ring has three parts gold and five parts of other alloy metals.

While a white gold engagement ring is not as durable as a platinum band, it does have a number of advantages.

1. It costs less.

For one, white gold is cheaper than platinum. This allows you to invest more on a good diamond or gemstone, or perhaps a more elaborate design instead of just a simple base metal for the band. In fact, a white-gold wedding band usually costs just a fourth of the price of platinum bands or any other pricier metal. Just make sure that you get your ring refinished regularly and calculate this maintenance detail into your list when determining the cost of the ring.

2. It is very durable.

White gold is less durable than platinum but it does last longer than yellow gold. Another good thing about a white gold ring is that it is mostly scratch resistant so you will still be left with a flawless accessory even after many years of wear and tear.

3. It is versatile.

Because of its colour, a white gold engagement ring is easier to match with different outfits and other types of jewelry. It’s easier to wear it everyday because it goes with practically any outfit. You can wear it from day to night, and you wouldn’t create a fashion faux pas. It’s simply elegant – and this is why it’s a popular choice. What’s more, it tends to highlight the brilliance of the stones (particularly of diamonds). Yellow gold bands, othe other hand, usually cause an illusion of a yellowish hue on the stone.

However, a white gold engagement ring is not without setbacks. For instance, some people are allergic to the white metal components of these rings. There are people who are allergic to the nickel which is alloyed with the gold. There’s also the issue of chemical sensitivity. Never wear gold in any grade and color when you’re in the hot tub or the swimming pool because it reacts with chlorine.

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