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VS1 Engagement Rings

When it comes to diamonds, clarity has a very specific definition. Diamonds are rated on a scale between FL for “flawless” and I3 which indicates that the diamond is commercially flawed. When a diamond is said to have VS1 clarity, this means that the flaws can not be seen without the use of a 10x magnifying tool. In other words, it is nearly impossible for somebody to see the flaws in VS1 diamond rings.

Why Buy VS1 Diamond Rings?

If you are hoping to give your wife or girlfriend something that she will cherish and love to wear on her hand, you might want to consider VS1 diamond rings. A VS1 diamond is a diamond that has very few flaws. There is no such thing as a diamond without flaws, but a VS1′s flaws are so small that they are virtually impossible to detect without the use of a microscope. If the clarity of the diamond is important to you, than this is likely the right choice for you.

VS1 diamond rings are not the clearest diamonds available. There are clearer grades, but they are a great deal more expensive. Generally, unless you are actually a collector of diamonds, or your budget is essentially unlimited, there is no need to buy a diamond with a clarity of more than VS1.

No matter where you choose to purchase your ring, you will want to make sure that it comes with a gemmological certificate from the GIA or AGS. These will certify that the stone does in fact have VS1 clarity. If you choose to buy the ring in person, make sure that you get a look at it with a magnifying lens in order to verify that there are very few flaws visible in the stone. With that in mind, VS1 diamond rings are an excellent decision.

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