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3 Stone Engagement Rings with Shoulders Give You Freedom of Creativity

There are so many different styles of engagement rings, and choosing just the right one can be a bit overwhelming. Doing your research and knowing a little something about the different kinds of styles will help you find just the right one. For example, you want a piece of jewellery that will light up on her finger, and shine no matter which direction she turns it. The perfect rings for you? 3 stone engagement rings with shoulders.

3 stone engagement rings with shoulders are rings that have 3 diamonds or other precious stones in the centre, and many smaller stones embedded into the ring on both sides, or shoulders, of the main stone. The benefit of 3 stone engagement rings with shoulders is that not only does it accentuate the main stones, but there is a lot on your ring that sparkles and shines, and it does not matter who she is showing the ring off to, it is going to momentarily blind them and forever dazzle them.

3 stone engagement rings with shoulders typically bring to mind lots of beautiful colourless diamonds, but any precious stone can make a stunning statement. Enchanting emeralds, with their warm green glow, ravishing rubies that are filled with passion, or striking sapphires giving an eternal symbol of loyalty and faith. Any of these gems and many others are beautiful as the king of stones – main diamond, or as accent diamonds on the shoulders. The 3 stone engagement rings with shoulders can even have a combination of colourless diamonds and precious gems. You can have a centre stone that is a sapphire, with diamonds on either side, and either sapphires or diamonds, or both, on the shoulders. Having so many stones on your 3 stone engagement rings with shoulders allows you to be very creative and gives you a lot of options.

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