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3 Stone Engagement Rings for Your Past, Present, and Future

3 stone engagement rings have 3 diamonds because they symbolize your past, present, and future. Each diamond brings a different part of your life with it. Each diamond alone is beautiful, but once put together, it creates a dazzling work of art. The same can be said of the lives 3 stone engagement rings are joining.

3 stone engagement rings come in three different metals: platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. All the different metals have benefits and differing durability. Platinum is the strongest and very scratch resistant, and also hypo-allergenic, but many prefer the look of yellow gold. White gold gives you the best of yellow gold with the brilliance of platinum.

The three diamonds can come in many different choices of cuts and sizes. Depending on what style you prefer, you can have all three diamonds the same size, giving your ring a look of unity. Another option is having the two side diamonds slightly smaller, so that the centre diamond is the main point of attraction, while the side diamonds are accents.

And then 3 stone engagement rings have all the diamond cut choices, from princess and emerald cuts to round brilliants, or even a combination of cuts. One ring can have a round brilliant cut at the centre and princess cuts on the sides, or whatever it is your imagination comes up with. The many different choices are all beautiful, so the choice comes down to your preferences and the tastes of your fiancé.

3 stone engagement rings sparkle, and not just the way any ring sparkles. They have the power of 3 light catching diamonds, capturing the light and reflecting it back in a dazzling array of luminosity. The ring that brings together your past, present, and future will look as beautiful on her hand as your love looks, sparkling from her eyes.

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