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Single Stone Engagement Rings with Shoulders: Perfect Blend of Classic and Modern

There are those who love a classic beauty and those that love a contemporary allure. And then there are those who love them both. Single stone engagement rings with shoulders are for those women who want the clean, traditional lines of a solitaire engagement ring while still having the brilliance of diamonds on the shoulders.

Single stone engagement rings with shoulders give you many options to make your ring truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Not only do you choose the metal for the band, but you choose the cut of the centre stone, and select the diamonds on the shoulders that will best accentuate the beauty of the ring and of her finger. While there are many different choices, it all comes down to what your tastes and preferences are, and the style and desires of your fiancé.

Single stone engagement rings with shoulders offer three different kinds of metals for the band: platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. Many prefer the high-end shine of a white metal, but others prefer the yellow gold because of the way it makes the diamond stand out even more. Besides the metal, you choose the kind of cut your centre diamond will be, whether it is a princess cut with all its facets, or a round brilliant, or one of the many other styles. And for single stone engagement rings with shoulders, you also choose the cut of the diamonds on the shoulders, anything from a few small, round diamonds inlaid into the band, to many tiny diamonds sparkling together.

For the woman who loves the timeless appeal of a classical beauty and the flair of the modern lines and cuts, single stone engagement rings with shoulders are the exactly what she will be hoping for. These rings will be able to satisfy both her desire for elegance and her fondness for the contemporary.

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