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VS2 Engagement Rings

Properties of VS2 Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are buying jewellery for your wife, girlfriend, or fiancé, you may want to consider buying VS2 diamond rings. This is especially true if you are looking for an option that looks beautiful but is not outside of your budgetary limitations.

Of course, if you are thinking about buying VS2 diamond rings, you most likely want to know exactly what the rating means. Diamonds are rated according to a very strict system, and clarity has a very precise definition. The VS2 diamond belongs to the VS class of clarity. VS diamonds are divided into VS1 and VS2. It is very difficult to tell these diamonds apart from one another with the naked eye. Very few people will ever know the difference, so buying a VS2 is a decision that makes sense.

To say that a diamond belongs to the VS class indicates that the flaws can only be seen through the use of a 10x magnifying lens. This is true of both VS1 and VS2. The only difference between the two is that the flaws are easier to see in a VS2. But unless your lover will be analysing the VS2 diamond rings with a microscope, they otherwise look just the same.

If it is so hard to tell the difference, why are VS2 diamond rings so much less expensive than VS1 diamond rings? The answer is very simple. A diamond with a VS1 rating is more rare. The laws of supply and demand therefore dictate that they are quite a bit more expensive. Unless you are a diamond collector, there really is no reason to go for the VS1 rather than the VS2. Most women would probably appreciate a larger VS2 diamond than a smaller VS1. Of course, as with anything, you will want to try to discuss it with her casually before making a purchase.

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