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To be given an engagement ring seems to be the dream of every woman. It reaffirms how important they are to you and gives them security – like a binding promise of marriage. If you don’t want to give your future wife a traditional diamond ring, then ruby is the way to go. Ruby engagement rings are not only rare but are also considered to be more valuable and precious than some diamonds.

Meaningful and valuable

Ruby is also often called the most powerful gemstone in the universe. Astral signs associate this gem with many good things. Owning a ruby is said to give contentment and peace, and therefore, a ruby engagement ring may bring harmony and contentment in your relationship. Giving a ruby to a person also signifies love and friendship—two things that should be present in any romantic relationship – especially marriage.

The value attached to a ruby stone is extremely high, considering that these gems are known to be the ring of the kings. Giving your future wife a ruby engagement ring is like revering her to be the queen of your life.

How to pick the right stone

You would know that a ruby is of good quality if it has an intense red hue that is not too dark (garnet-like) and not too light (pinkish).

Also, in picking ruby engagement rings, go for one with a high carat weight if you can afford it because the weight and size of a ruby is the deciding factor in determining its value. Large rubies are extremely rare and hard to obtain; that’s why the larger the ruby is, the more value it has. Also, check the clarity of the stone. It should have consistent colour and should be free from hairline fractures because even the smallest crack could cause the stone to break over time.

The cut of the ring stone is likewise very important especially because it affects the appearance of the ruby. The most common and popular of all ruby cuts are the oval and cushion cuts, although emerald and heart shapes are also quite popular. Others may prefer star rubies. A perfectly honed star ruby would be perfectly centered and has its rays shooting out to the stone’s edges. The star shape enhances the appearance of the gem.


Whatever shape of ruby you might want for your engagement ring, just be sure of the quality and make of the stone. Be careful of synthetic rubies which are commonly referred to as “cultured stone.” There are also good quality synthetic rubies, but they should cost considerably less than the real deal. Avoid jewelers who try to sell synthetic rubies. To avoid being scammed, buy only from reputable jewelers that provide online consultations. Also, do your research and find out as much about the ruby as you can. It would also help to acquaint yourself with the selection of ruby engagement rings from websites like ours. Here you will find a variety of gems for that special occasion. Compare specifications and prices using our website now.

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