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Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Rings.

About Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

Most people agree that diamonds are some of the most precious and unique stones on earth. This is confirmed by their hefty price, the fact that they are synonymous with weddings and the overall popularity of the stone throughout the world. The most brilliant of all cuts of diamonds is the Round Cut, also known as the Round Brilliant. Round cut diamonds are the most popular cut of diamonds in the world, and have been since the cut’s inception.Examples of Round Brilliant Diamonds

Round Brilliant Engagement Ring ExampleThe story of how the round cut originated is quite practical. As part of a thesis for his PhD, Marcel Tolkowsky took on the task of calculating how many cuts would be needed to create a perfect, textbook diamond shape. Little did he know that his research would soon prove invaluable, and that just about every diamond manufacturer in the world would soon take to using his specifically defined cut when producing diamonds. Round cut diamonds have become the most popular of all as a result of their perfectly round diamond shape. Round cut diamonds are often considered to be the purist of all, as they are geometrically perfect.

Other cuts of diamonds, such as the pear shape or emerald cut are less preferred than the round cut diamond because they are not perfect in their dimensions. While some people do like an imperfect diamond, this philosophy has all but died out and is no longer considered to be ideal. Round cut diamonds offer an ideal, story book diamond shape for the girl who has always wanted the perfect ring.

Round cut diamonds are almost always the type of diamonds used in weddings, as they are by far the most common and photogenic. Much of the diamond industry relies on marriage, which becomes quite apparent once one realizes that almost every bride wears some kind of diamond ring on her finger for her wedding. Round cut diamonds are almost always seen over their counterparts at weddings, which may speak for why they are historically so popular. No matter, there is simply no more perfect and ideal diamond than the round cut.

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