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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The most common choice would have to be the round diamond solitaire designs. But if you’re one of those who want something different yet still classically elegant, princess cut engagement rings could be the best choice for you.

About Princess Cut Diamonds.

Example of Princess Cut Engagement RingA diamond is so versatile that it can be cut into different shapes, giving it an interesting sparkle. This style is one of the newest innovations as far as diamond jewelry is concerned. It is now widely used for engagement rings. This cut is characterized by the square shape, which is a result of mixing the brilliant cuts and classic steps to create the stone’s design. Step cuts create the ridges found on the edges of the stone and leave a flat top. The brilliant cuts, on the other hand, create more facets in order to enhance the diamond’s sparkle. After the combination of the cuts have been implemented, you are left with a diamond that has about fifty facets – that’s less than what you will find in a classic round cut, but more than what you will find in a rectangular emerald.

Settings for the Princess Cut.

Princess Cut Diamond Example

The diamond’s corners are prone to chips, so princess cut engagement rings usually have prongs at the corners to hold the stone in place. The diamonds can be aligned or angled against the ring’s band. Another variation of the princess cut is a radiant cut. This is still square-shaped but has round corners that are not as prone to damage as the typical princess. The radiant cut can also be easily mounted in various patterns.

Princess cut engagement rings also use different channels. In this setup, the stones are set into the band instead of held above it with the use of prongs. These days, one popular design is a central princess cut stone paired with two trillium cut side stones. The two stones make for a creative accent to the square diamond, which creates a three stone ring. You can also put several small diamonds in princess cut together.

How Cost effective is the Princess Cut?

A square diamond cut is a classically extraordinary choice for an engagement ring whether it is on its own or when it is set with other stones.

One good thing about princess cut engagement rings is that they are generally less expensive compared to other diamond shapes because the square shape preserves most of the natural crystal structure of the stone. As such, it doesn’t require a lot of cutting and finishing. This lowers the final selling price of the ring because it doesn’t take as much work to create the elaborate shapes and the design.

The mixed cut in princess diamonds also helps hide a lot of the stone’s imperfections, such as flaws and inclusions as well as any slight colouring. The additional facets improve the brilliance and the inherent sparkle of the diamond so the flaws are not as noticeable. You can get a good princess cut engagement ring at a cheaper price because the stone need not be as perfect as it has to be as in the case of round diamonds or any other cut.

Video about Princess Cut Diamonds.

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