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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring – Quick Guide

Diamonds are every girl’s best friend. They last forever, and this is probably why they are the gem of choice when it comes to engagement rings. However, they can also become expensive, so you want to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your money. A diamond engagement ring is a classic piece and probably every woman wants one around her finger. Of course, beyond the novelty, a diamond ring symbolizes a commitment between two people. It is special in its own right. but the commitment and promise that comes along with it is what makes it even more precious.

When searching for a good diamond engagement ring, you will find that the pieces available in the market these days vary in price, which is usually dependent on the four Cs of diamond quality – colour, clarity, cut and carat.


The cut of the diamond refers to the proportion of its facets. This can be seen when the stone catches light and sparkles. The cut can also refer to the shape of the stone – i.e. pear, emerald, round or oval.


This refers to just how clear the stone is. You want a clear diamond engagement ring, not something that is too cloudy. Cloudy stones are not as expensive as the clearer ones. Jewellers rate the clarity of diamonds according to certain criteria. There are diamonds whose flaws can easily be seen by the naked eye. These are the least precious of all stones. Flawless diamonds are the hardest to find, and they are also the most expensive.


A jeweller will also rate the colour of a diamond using the letters D through Z. When a diamond has a yellowish or brown colour, it usually is valued less. A “D” rating means that the diamond is colourless while “Z” designates a light brown discolouration. Naturally, D rated diamonds are more expensive, so you might want to settle for something mid-range if you want to save a little on your engagement ring.


This is the size of the stone. A carat has a hundred points and carat weight designates the diamond’s mass. A larger diamond will definitely cost you more, but before you get one that will take your eye out, make sure that you consider the other Cs as well.

When you’re purchasing a diamond engagement ring, another thing that you need to remember is to get a certification from the jeweller that your diamond was not treated. Some diamonds are painted or have glass filters inserted in them to make them look clearer and hence, more valuable. A certificate ensures that you’re really getting what you’re paying for. It is also easier to resell a ring with a certification.

More than the value of the stone, however, it’s important to consider other things such as the design and whether it will suit your bride’s style or not. It’s also important to remember that an engagement ring, regardless of the kind of gem set on it, should symbolize the depth of your relationship more than anything else.

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