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Cluster Engagement Rings: Culture and Timelessness

Cluster engagement rings have a very traditional look. More so than any other ring, they come with a feel of heirloom jewellery. And no other ring gives you the amount of creativity and freedom that cluster engagement rings do, because they have so many different choices and styles. She will also love them because with all those diamonds, there is going to be a lot of sparkle and shine, no matter what angle she is admiring it from. With cluster engagement rings, you usually have smaller diamonds, but since there are so many, it gives the ring a more grandiose appearance.

Cluster engagement rings can come as a platinum, yellow gold, or white gold band. All three metals have benefits. Some like the warmth of yellow gold, and the way it sets off the diamonds. Others like the appearance and durability of white metal. It really comes down to what you would like your budget to be and what kind of look she prefers.

The diamonds are where you have the real freedom, because it really is what you can imagine. Small baguettes or round brilliants, or both! Several diamonds in your cluster or just a few. Each different choice makes such a unique ring, so it is completely decided on what you and the love of your life prefer. Another benefit to having many little stones instead of one large stone is that imperfections are not visible, but all the facets and shine are.

So for your bride-to-be who loves all things traditional and elegant, cluster engagement rings will bring a shimmer to her eye. It will be a ring to be treasured, to keep until you can pass it on to children and grandchildren. It will be a ring that forever makes a bold statement of culture and timelessness.

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