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White Gold Engagement Rings an Elegant Choice.

Women simply love white gold engagement rings because of their classic elegance. White gold is composed of an alloy of silver, palladium or nickel, and pure gold. One of the best things about white gold is that it is more durable than yellow gold, and it complements the sparkle of a good diamond or any other gemstone for that matter.

The perfect canvass

The engagement ring is probably the most important piece in a woman’s accessory box primarily because of what it stands for. Getting engaged is a very special event and something that warrants a special memento, such as a white gold ring. Young women actually appreciate white gold more than yellow mainly because of its classic appeal. Yellow gold tends to be flashier, and it also has this odd way of making diamonds look more yellowish, thereby emphasizing their flaws. White gold is the perfect backdrop to hold diamonds, as it adds to the stone’s sheen instead of taking attention away from it (like yellow gold often does).

The practical choice

Silver and lustrous white is very much in vogue when it comes to jewellery. If you’re going to get an engagement ring, you might as well get it in white gold. White gold engagement rings are the next best thing to platinum, another favourite when it comes to jewellery. However, platinum is not very accessible because of its steep price, so white gold is more popular.

Easy to wear

The best thing about jewellery made of white gold is that they are easier to mix and match. They blend well with any outfit so you can go from day to night and change your clothes without having to change your jewellery. Your engagement ring will work with your corporate suit just as well as it would suit that little black dress that you’re going to wear to dinner out with your friends later on.

If you have the money to spare, of course, you should go for platinum. But white gold engagement rings are a practical choice particularly if you would rather spend on your wedding than on the ring. White gold also lets you save on the cost if the band and instead splurge on other details such as the quality of the diamond on the ring.


There is this one little detail of maintenance that you need to remember about, though: White gold requires regular maintenance. Refinishing every five years (particularly if it was coated with rhodium) is recommended. It’s also important to keep your ring away from cleaning agents and other harsh chemicals. Just like any type of gold, you shouldn’t wear white gold engagement rings in the swimming pool or when you’re cleaning, as chemicals like chlorine can cause it to fade. .

It’s also important to store the ring in a fabric-lined container when you’re not wearing it. Make sure that you don’t put any other jewellery in the same container as the ring so you don’t get scratches all over it.

Posted on January 19, 2011 by Admin