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Finding Unique Engagement Rings: Three Tips to Make the Best Choice

When you’re shopping for your girlfriend’s engagement ring, it’s important to choose something that shows her how much thought you put into your decision. She’ll appreciate the time you took to select a special design from all kinds of unique engagement rings. Here are three tips to help you choose the perfect ring.

1. Think About Her Style
Before you buy her ring, think about your girlfriend’s style. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the choices with so many unique engagement rings available. If you pay attention to her other jewellery and clothes, though, you can significantly narrow down your options. For example, if she loves to wear alternative clothing and always spots the latest fashions, look for a non-traditional ring with a coloured gemstone. If she prefers traditional clothes and glamorous designs, choose a ring with a vintage band.

2. Consider Significant Events in Your Relationship
You can also look to your relationship for clues about what type of ring to buy. Many men choose to get unique engagement rings that feature the bride’s birthstone, or perhaps the gemstone that represents their anniversary month. This is a great way to show her you put some extra thought into her gift, rather than opting for the traditional diamond.

3. Match the Ring to Her Lifestyle
It is also important to think about your girlfriend’s lifestyle before choosing a ring. Though many engagement rings feature large settings meant to make the diamond appear bigger, these rings are often an impractical choice. Many women prefer to receive unique engagement rings that have a diamond or stone set into the band, as it keeps the ring from getting caught while she works. She’ll be wearing the ring every day, so it should fit her daily routine without causing problems.

Posted on March 4, 2011 by Admin