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The Beauty of Princess Cut Engagement Rings

It would sure be nice for a woman to receive something that would make her feel like a princess. More than the excitement of your proposal, add another kind of plus by giving her a princess engagement ring. The name sure sounds fancy but this kind of ring is far less expensive than most cuts of diamonds. A princess cut is a popular choice among women because of its unique and elegant square shape, that is far from traditional round cuts.

A princess engagement ring has a princess cut diamond, (or any other kind of gemstone for that matter), that is distinctive for its square shape. The stone is made and designed with brilliant cuts, leaving the top of the stone flat. The ridges and edges of the stone and its numerous facets add to its fire and sparkle.

A princess engagement ring can be incorporated in various settings ranging from solitaire to varied settings. A solitaire princess diamond is set with a single piece of stone into a simple yet very elegant and stunning creation. A solitaire princess cut ring especially requires a fine gem since the center stone is the only accent that the ring has. Its isolation and sharp shape draws attention that’s why a fine piece of stone should be set in it. When opting for a princess cut, especially for a solitaire setting, make sure that the stone is properly cut. You can distinguish a properly cut princess stone when you see its brilliant facets to form a visible “X” light ray and shadow when viewed from the top. However, a poorly cut stone would have an off center and disrupted pattern. Another distinction of a flawed stone would be excessive shadows caused by poor facet proportions which restrict the light from coming through the stone.

The setting of a princess engagement ring usually uses prongs to protect the sharp corners. Others use channels which uses lines of stones that produce more shimmer, instead of prongs. The channel arrangement is more common in wedding bands.

Princess cut rings are also set with some accent stones to add more brilliance. Three stones are the most popular variation where a central piece is mounted amid two trillium cut stones on either sides. The classic triangular trillium is a good accent and contrast to the square shape of the central princess cut piece. Other variations to the setting can be made by incorporating some smaller pieces of princess cut stones or other cuts such as emerald and baguette. Other types of cuts can also be used, according to a person’s liking for unique accents.

The price of a princess cut ring can be far less expensive than other types since most structure (except for the solitaire one) does not require precise and extremely clear stones. Its unique setting actually hides some small flaws and inclusions in the stone. There is also no need for further cutting and polishing since the square shape preserves the stone’s natural crystalline structure. The price, however, depends also on the amount of accent stones incorporated in the ring.

The elegant square shape of a princess cut ring is a unique assortment from traditional round and emerald cuts that’s why more and more people opt for this type of ring. There are also wide variations as to its design and form, making it a very versatile form of engagement ring.

Posted on January 19, 2011 by Admin