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Tanzanite Engagement Rings, a break from tradition.

If you want to add some twist to your proposal, then choose from tanzanite engagement rings and surprise your bride to be with the dazzle and uniqueness of the tanzanite stone. Make your profession of love extra special with the daring and alluring blue stone that is best combined with accent stones such as opal, aquamarine, peridot and even diamonds! Tanzanite is a good break away from the traditional diamond, and is more unique and original, for a lesser price. The rare stone has an exclusive origin and can only be found in Tanzania Africa, where it was first discovered.

Astrologists say that tanzanite activates some chakras which links the mind to the heart, therefore giving a person the ability and strength to speak the truth. If you need that kind of strength during your proposal, then tanzanite engagement rings might just help you with that. Aside from its communicative abilities, many also say that tanzanite promotes compassion and brings peaceful and deeper understanding of the heart, which are very important factors in keeping up a relationship.

Tanzanite’s exclusive origin adds to the appeal of the stone. It is distinct for its rich blue and purplish hue and is a very unique and daring type of gemstone. Despite of its distinctive blue color, the stone actually contains several hues, making it hard to grade. It is a three color stone which can be inspected through different shades of light. Its deep dark blue color is most evident with larger carat weight stone and can be hard to find in smaller ones. If you want a more unique, daring and luxurious type of ring, the go for tanzanite engagement rings.

When choosing among tanzanite engagement rings, check and examine the clarity of the stone. Although tanzanites generally have the least amount of blemishes among many gemstones, it is always good to check for some inclusions, dark spots and cracks because they may cause further damage over time.

Tanzanite has a crystalline structure which makes it very difficult to shape and cut. The most expensive type of cut would be the trillant (also trillion or trillium), which has a round edge that comes to a close on the other. The triangular shape of the trilliant features a number of facets, 58 to be exact, which greatly reflects light.

Whatever cut you may choose, make sure that the stone has a good symmetry and proportion to it, you may also want to go for a loose stone so you can further examine around it. Doing so, you could also specify a setting of your liking.

Once purchased, you should take note that Tanzanite is among the softest of all the gemstones and should be handled with care. Conventional cleaning methods like ultrasonic ones could damage the stone, as harsh chemicals could. These processes could scratch, discolor and damage the gem. Tanzanite gems are hard enough to make and even harder to repair that’s why extra precautions should be made when handling them. Storage of the jewelry should be separate from others so as to keep from rubbing and scratching.

Posted on January 19, 2011 by Admin