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Picking an Engagement Ring: Five Things to Look For

You’re ready to propose, but now you need to find the perfect engagement ring. This can be a tough decision, as many women already have ideal rings. You’ll need to consider a number of factors in order to choose something that will really wow her, so it’s important for you to know the basics. Here are five things to look for when you go engagement ring shopping.

1. Type of Gemstone
Start out by choosing the type of gemstone you’ll buy. Of course, many women prefer the traditional look of a diamond engagement ring. However, other women will be excited to receive a coloured gemstone, as it will give her ring a unique look.

2. Cut
After you choose the type of gemstone, you’ll need to decide on a cut. The cut of the stone refers to its shape. Popular choices include princess cut, emerald cut and cushion cut. You may also choose a traditional round or oval shape. Think about your girlfriend’s style to decide.

3. Metal
Next, you’ll need to choose the metal of the engagement ring. White gold and platinum are the two most popular choices today, though many women still prefer the traditional look of yellow gold. Other rings come set in silver, which is an affordable option.

4. Style
As you consider the ring’s style, you’ll again need to consider your girlfriend’s fashion sense. If she likes to be the centre of attention, you’ll need a truly unique design. If she likes traditional fare, opt for a solitaire ring.

5. Price
Price is an important factor as you buy an engagement ring. Though tradition says to spend three months’ salary, don’t spend more than you’re comfortable with. Consider whether your girlfriend would rather put the money toward the wedding.

Posted on March 4, 2011 by Admin