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Fashionable Marquise Engagement Rings

One of the newest diamond shapes, the marquise is an elongated stone that looks like the narrow point of a pear shaped diamond at both tips. Marquise engagement rings are popular both as solitaires and as centre stones flanked by other shapes. In any setting or style, marquise diamonds are eye-catching and bold. Ideal for a woman who appreciates modern style and has a flair for the dramatic, marquise engagement rings offer high impact at reasonable cost.

Thanks to the manner in which it’s cut, the popular marquise cut looks large for its carat weight. Half-carat and quarter-carat marquise engagement rings have greater impact than similar styles set with round or oval diamonds. Because of the shape’s ability to seem larger than it is, it’s possible to choose an exquisite marquise diamond with lower carat weight, but with good colour and clarity.

A good cut is crucial for marquise engagement rings or for other marquise diamond jewellery. The nature of the cut causes the gem to display a characteristic “bow tie” pattern at its widest point. The bow tie shape is a pair of darker triangles in the heart of the stone where light reflects imperfectly through the large table facet atop the gem. A well-cut, clear marquise diamond will have a minimal visible bow tie.

As marquise engagement rings are both more plentiful and less costly than many rarer shapes, they tend to be more moderately priced. Another way of getting the most rings for the least price is to shop on-line; as web stores have so little overhead, they can offer significant savings on jewellery that brick and mortar shops cannot match.

Consider a marquise cut diamond for a woman who thrives in the spotlight and appreciates jewellery that will get her noticed. Bold and striking, the marquise style is perfect for a woman who shares those traits.

Posted on March 4, 2011 by Admin