A Guide to Engagement Rings
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Engagement Rings a Sign of Ultimate Devotion.

An engagement ring serves as a betrothal present that a man gives to his future bride as he proposes marriage. From a man’s perspective, the ring means a decisive commitment and the promise of ultimate devotion and love to one woman. For women, engagement rings mean that and more – they also mean that there’s going to be a wedding that needs to be planned and a happily ever after that has yet to be lived.

It is customary for the man to go picking out the ring on his own. He may ask for the help of his girlfriend’s closest friends in picking out a style that will suit her best, but in the end, it is up to him. Buying the ring is like a rite of passage.

However, in the modern times, it’s not uncommon to find couples shopping for an engagement ring together. These are people who may have already agreed to get married beforehand and are just purchasing a ring to “seal the deal,” so to speak.

Whether you’re a guy picking out the ring as a surprise for your bride-to-be or you’re part of a couple shopping around for that perfect ring, you can’t be completely caught up in the magic of the proposal when it comes to getting a ring. After all, engagement rings are just part of the whole series of expenses you’ll incur before you even walk down the aisle. You need to save some for such details as the wedding itself and everything else that what you will need after you say, “I do.”

Budgeting for a ring

Ideally, you want to identify your priorities when shopping for engagement rings. Some people focus on the quality of the diamond while others are more particular with the design of the ring itself. If you want a single solitaire diamond on the engagement ring, it’s best to shop for new rings that come with as simple, high quality diamond. It does not have to big for it to be top-quality. If the budget does not allow it, consider quality semi-precious gems. You don’t have to limit yourself to a diamond ring.

Another tip for lowering the costs of your engagement ring is to opt for a new piece. Vintage engagement rings may make you feel like you’re wearing a whole history around your finger and they always lend classic elegance to every outfit, but brand new rings are much more affordable. There are new ring designs that follow vintage themes so if the lady is really looking for the classic elegance of an Edwardian era ring, for instance, there’s a way for you to give her just that without breaking the bank.

There are also other ways to save on your engagement ring costs. For instance, you want to opt for a less expensive metal such as silver instead of white gold. White gold, however, is cheaper than platinum and all these metals take on a silvery white hue. Smaller carat gems are also cheaper. Oftentimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between a stone that has a third carat and one that has a half carat, anyway.

Posted on January 19, 2011 by Admin