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Elegant Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The elegance of emerald cut engagement rings has kept them in the public eye for decades. While other shapes have their champions, the emerald cut diamond has a clarity and purity that distinguish it from other cuts.

When choosing the perfect stone, look for clarity above all else. The nature of an emerald cut demands an exceptionally clear diamond, as the gem’s entire heart is visible. While most emerald cut engagement rings are set in gold, those of a white metal like platinum or white gold should be set with a stone with less natural colour than a gold ring would require. White metals flatter white diamonds, so select a stone in the F to I colour rating.

Emerald cut engagement rings can flatter hands of any size or shape depending on how the stone is cut. A wider emerald cut looks more prominent on slender hands, while broader fingers are visually lengthened with the addition of a slimmer, longer stone. One novel possibility is a ring bearing an emerald cut diamond set perpendicular to the finger; this striking contemporary design looks best with especially shapely hands, as the style will definitely draw attention to itself.

When choosing a setting for an emerald cut, be mindful of the height of the setting and how it will wear over time. Although diamonds are the hardest of gemstones, even they can chip if edges are unprotected, so look for settings that feature prongs or a bezel that protect the pointed corners of the stone. A higher setting looks more dramatic, but a lower one may be a more practical choice. If she works with her hands frequently or has an active lifestyle, a lower setting will protect both her jewellery and her hands.

Like the jewellery itself, the women who prefer emerald cut engagement rings are distinctive, yet classic. Choose an emerald cut for her if she’s sophisticated without being stodgy, elegant without pretence. This beautiful style will never fall out of fashion any more than she will.

Posted on March 4, 2011 by Admin