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Contemporary Engagement Rings

Contemporary engagement rings combine the beauty of a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring with greater wear ability and individuality. Modern metallurgy and gem-cutting techniques offer ways to personalise her jewellery that wouldn’t have been possible even a few decades ago.

One stunning style for contemporary engagement rings is the tension setting. A tension-set diamond uses the ring itself as the force holding the diamond in place. There are no prongs or tall mountings on the ring, just a stone that seems to be suspended in air in a gap between two metal surfaces. Only high-quality diamonds are suitable for tension settings, but the effect is a modern minimalism that looks strikingly different from any conventional jewellery.

Another possibility for contemporary engagement rings is one of the oldest settings made new. Jewellers have used bezel settings for centuries, but what makes them look so new now is how clean-lined a gem looks when surrounded by smooth metal, not prongs. The style still looks fresh because of its smooth profile. Bezel settings are an excellent choice for an active bride-to-be as the metal protects the stone from harm and the ring’s low setting won’t snag.

Settings aren’t the only element that defines contemporary engagement rings. Modern styles feature design elements made possible by modern technology. Multi-metal rings featuring bands of white gold or platinum with yellow gold are popular choices for women who enjoy wearing other jewellery, as they complement either silvery or golden accessories. As lasers make the difficult task of inscribing a short verse, a name, or tiny images on metal simple, contemporary styles often feature laser etching on the outer or inner surfaces of a ring. Even turning conventional shapes in unorthodox directions gives a ring a modern edge; look for emerald cut diamonds placed horizontally on the finger or square diamonds set at an angle to the band.

There is no one element to a contemporary style for engagement rings. The beauty of modern ring design is that it allows great flexibility when choosing a ring that suits her from the way the stone is set to metals it’s made of to the inscription it bears. She is like no one else; her ring should be unique as well.

Posted on March 4, 2011 by Admin