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Choosing Diamond Engagement Rings: A Guide to Four Popular Styles

Once you’ve made the decision to propose, it’s time to find the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend. There are many unique options available, but diamond engagement rings are still the most popular choice. Here is a short guide to four of the most popular diamond ring styles.

1. Vintage Rings
Women who are looking for unique engagement diamond rings often prefer vintage style rings, as they have different design elements than modern rings. These rings often feature a decorated, intricate band or a large single stone. Vintage rings are a timeless and classy option for any woman who wants an attention-getting ring.

2. Infinity Bands
Infinity bands are a popular option in both engagement rings and wedding bands, as many couples enjoy their special symbolism. Diamond engagement rings featuring an infinity band have two loops that intertwine to form the infinity symbol, which looks similar to an elongated number eight. This is a unique way to show your girlfriend your endless dedication and commitment.

3. Solitaire
Of course, solitaire engagement rings will always be one of the most popular choices of all. A solitaire ring features a single, large diamond. It is typically placed in a raised setting which makes it appear larger and also allows it to reflect more light. A solitaire ring is sure to please any woman.

4. Three-Stone Rings
While shopping for diamond engagement rings, many men inevitably fall in love with the beautiful design and meaning of three-stone rings. These rings feature three prominent stones that symbolize the couple’s past, present and future together. Sometimes the centre stone is slightly larger than the two surrounding stones, though all three stones can also be the same size. Three-stone rings offer men the opportunity to choose an especially meaningful ring.

Posted on March 4, 2011 by Admin