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Celtic Engagement Rings

Marriage proposals are probably one of the most significant events in a person’s life, and must therefore be planned carefully. You need to present you fiancé with a ring that she will cherish forever and is worthy of being shown off to her family and friends. If you want something meaningful without going overboard on your budget, opt for Celtic engagement rings instead.

The meaning of Celtic rings

The Celts were non-Christians who were originally based throughout the British Isles and in Central and Eastern Europe, but were relocated to southern England, Ireland, and Scotland because of the Roman empire. Celtic jewelry are remarkable for their intricate knots and designs.

The Celts are believers of interdependency and interconnectedness in life, as signified by the intricate knotted designs on their rings, which can tell a different and unique story about the person wearing it. This makes Celtic engagement rings ideal for people who want to narrates their deep love and connectedness as a couple through jewellery. The knots found on the ring are infinite — you cannot tell where it starts or ends – signifying the undying love, loyalty, and faithfulness of the relationship.

The most popular of all Celtic knots is the “lover’s knot,” which resembles two infinity symbols that are intertwined. Aside from engagement rings, the lover’s knot is common in Celtic wedding rings. These looping knots signify eternal love while warding off evil spirits by confusing them with intricately detailed patterns.

Among all types of engagement rings, the Celtic engagement rings are probably the most meaningful because it shows the couple’s commitment to building their life and future together. If you have it customized, your Celtic ring can have the intimate, personal details embedded in the metalwork, the kind of gemstone set on the metal, and the engravings included on the ring.

Choosing your ring

Celtic engagement rings come in many types, ranging from simple knots on delicate bands to elaborate metal designs that have jewels, custom decorations, and patterns that signify families. Let our jeweler help you choose among the types of Celtic engagement ring styles that you can offer your future wife.

One of the factors you need to decide on is the Celtic band, which can have varying intricacies and thicknesses. A simple band can be a metal knot from thin golden strands, but there are also elaborate designs that are etched or engraved on wider bands. You can also have diamonds or emeralds set into the metal.

Claddagh designs are characterized by hands holding a heart that has a crown. The design mainly symbolizes friendship, but it can also be incorporated on the engagement ring and worn on the left hand, making sure that the heart faces inward. There is also the Celtic cross and the pentacles that symbolize the interconnectedness of the elements.

You can also have a custom Celtic engagement ring that can incorporate the pattern or symbol that symbolizes the love you share with your future bride. Explore our website to learn more.

Posted on May 17, 2010 by Admin