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Art deco engagement rings

Men or couples who want something unique to represent their commitment to their girlfriends or to each other can opt for art deco engagement rings. These rings are ideal for individuals who want to shy away from engagement rings with typical designs and stones, usually diamonds. Art deco rings, in general, can be considered miniature art works because of their elaborate setting and stones.

Reflecting individuality

Art deco engagement rings may not be the priciest or most elegant engagement rings available in the market, but they are definitely the ones with the most character. These rings can stand for a couple’s unique personality or individuality as much as it can symbolize that same couple’s commitment to be together for life.

Designs of art deco rings are usually unexpected but it is this variation in designs that make these rings special. Art deco rings are ideal if you are looking for a unique way to offer your girlfriend a lifetime together.

Recognizing art deco rings

Art deco rings are some of easiest pieces to spot in a shop. This is because they usually feature unique designs and brightly coloured stones. These rings can be made from a wide variety of metals such as yellow and white gold. Platinum is also a usual choice because it makes for a good background for brightly coloured gemstones. The metal is also widely used for art deco rings because it is ultra-modern, which is what art deco engagement rings exactly are.

The other attractive characteristic of art deco rings is that their contrasting colours and stones. Almost no kind of art deco engagement ring can be called a solitaire because most rings contain at least two kinds of precious or semi-precious gemstones. Some stones that are commonly used as central gems of these rings are corals, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, and jade. The central gemstone of the ring is usually surrounded by smaller stones that complement, or sometimes deliberately clash, with the central gem in terms of colour.

Finding the perfect ring

As previously mentioned, art deco rings come in different variations and always with an elaborate design. This is why finding the best art deco engagement ring is a little tricky. First you must consider what design best suits the personality of the person you will be presenting the ring to. This means considering her preferences and using these as basis for choosing the design as well as central gem of the ring you would purchase.

It is also best to remember that art deco rings are not for everybody. They are ideal for women with an eclectic flair or test but they may not come across as suitable for women who have active lifestyles or those who usually match their jewellery with their outfits.

A final tip would be to buy new rings from trusted jewelers. This is the one of the best means to guarantee the quality of the ring you are buying. Art deco may have been started during the 1920s but this doesn’t mean that new art deco engagement rings produced today are less beautiful or valuable. In fact, some of them even are more valuable than old ones. You can find many new engagement rings by checking out the catalogs in this website.

Posted on January 19, 2011 by Admin