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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings: More Than a Passing Trend

In most areas of life, trends come and go. To some people, trends matter, and to some they do not. In the engagement ring world, trends also exist, but there are some things that have the popularity to last throughout the years. Yellow gold is one of those things. It has been used in engagement ring settings almost since engagement rings were created.

There is a wealth of reasons why this warm metal has such staying power. One is, actually, its warmth. While all the other metals used for engagement rings are cool white, yellow gold engagement rings have warm undertones that are unique only to yellow gold. The yellow gold also off-sets the sparkling ice-like diamonds in a way that no other metal does, showcasing them instead of allowing the diamond to blend and fade, as many of the white metals can do.

Another reason yellow gold engagement rings have lasted so well throughout the year is because they are kinder on a budget than a platinum or even white gold engagement ring would be. Platinum is very rare, which raises its costs substantially. White gold is less expensive than platinum, but since it has to be alloyed with other cool metals to give it the white appearance, it also costs more than yellow gold. Like white gold, yellow gold is also alloyed with other metals, to give it a strength and durability it would otherwise not have because naturally yellow gold is a soft metal.

Celebrities also love the warmth of yellow gold. Although the marriage is over and forgotten, Ryan Reynolds originally gave Scarlett Johansson a round brilliant solitaire engagement ring on a yellow gold band. When Fergi married Actor Josh Duhamel, he gave her a ring by Brazillian designer H. Stern, who created a brilliant-cut 4-carat design. The band had several different coloured golds, including yellow gold.

Trends come and go, but truly beautiful creations have the staying power to be around long after the latest fad has lost its momentum. Yellow gold engagement rings have been popular for many years, and will continue to be popular for years to come.

Posted on March 9, 2012 by Admin