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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings for the Love of Your Life

Your childhood sweetheart sits across from you, completely oblivious to your shaking, sweating hands and your racing heart. She’s talking, and although you love the sound of her voice, you have no idea what she is saying. Because there is a little box in your pocket, and that little box holds the key to your whole future. It is the culmination of countless hours, first researching engagement rings and metals and diamonds and settings, and then searching for just the right ring, the one that spoke to you, the one that you picked up and immediately thought of her. Her smile, her laugh, the light in her eyes. In the sparkle of that ring, you saw the memories that you will make, in the future, if she only says yes.

She loves colour. She loves warmth. That was why you immediately sought out yellow gold engagement rings. The added benefit that they fit in your budget was a nice touch, too. But thanks to your research beforehand, you also knew a little something about yellow gold engagement rings, and why they were the best choice for you. For one thing, yellow gold engagement rings are warm. They offset the diamonds, showcasing them much better than the white metals, where the diamonds sometimes blend and fade.

You also know, thanks to your research, that yellow gold is not strong enough on its own to be made into an engagement ring, so it is mixed with other metals, usually copper, zinc, silver, or nickel to give it a hardness and durability. You know that the yellow gold engagement rings usually come in 14k, 18k, and 24k, and you know that the little k at the end of the numbers stands for the karate – how much of the yellow gold engagement rings are gold, and how much are mixed with other metals.

So you looked at yellow gold engagement rings, and you found the right one. Now it sits in your pocket, slamming against your chest with the pounding of your heart, and if your hands would only stop shaking you would take it out and ask her the one question that has been on your mind since you were thirteen years old. And she will say yes.

Posted on August 22, 2011 by Admin