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White Gold Engagement Rings to Start Your Journey

Engagement rings are beautiful, and it can be overwhelming trying to find just the right one that will start your new journey in life. Every person has his or her own taste and style, of course, but luckily, finding the right ring is not hard because there are so many options available now. Different metals for the bands, different gems and settings. Some of the most in-demand are white gold engagement rings.

White gold engagement rings are so popular for many reasons. For one, they are timelessly beautiful. They have a brilliance that many of the other metals do not, without the high price of platinum. White gold engagement rings look very similar to platinum, but cost about two times less, so they are much more budget friendly. They are also very versatile, because unlike yellow gold, white gold engagement rings can go with any colour precious stone or diamond. And with all the new band designs, they are even more spectacular.

White gold engagement rings are very durable. White gold is mixed with another type of metal, usually nickel, silver, palladium, or sometimes platinum, to make it stronger than regular gold. That is why it has such a sparkle to it, but it also makes it strong and scratch resistant. Every ring should have a hallmark stamp, telling what percentage of gold it is. White gold engagement rings are usually coated with a very durable hard shiny metal which helps with making it stronger and more durable than regular gold, and it makes it shine.

Another bonus to white gold engagement rings is that if it does happen to get scratched or starts to wear, polishing will usually clean it right up, and if it does not, it can be re-dipped for fairly inexpensive, and then it is as good as new.

White gold engagement rings are beautiful and very popular because of their many benefits and their great beauty, and because of their durability. There are so many different styles available, that finding the right one for your right one will be the easy part of your new journey.

Posted on July 6, 2011 by Admin