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White Gold Engagement Rings for Amazing Sparkle

Buying an engagement ring, at least in a woman’s eyes, is all about the sparkle. Does she really care how flawless the diamond is when no one can really tell the difference? Probably not. What she does care about it whether her ring will catch the light and reflect it and throw it all over the room in pretty miniature rainbows. Now, big diamonds can do that, but small diamonds cut the most flattering way can, too. And the metal that goes with the diamond makes a big difference in the sparkle and shine factor, as well. One of the most sparkly and shiny metals are white gold engagement rings.

One of the main reasons for the big shine factor in white gold engagement rings is because it is coated with a very shiny coating. This is because gold, white or yellow, is a relatively soft metal that is prone to dents and scratches. To avoid that, white gold engagement rings are plated with another coating to protect it. The coating gives it even more shine. The coating does wear, over time, but to have it refinished is a relatively inexpensive and quick procedure.

White gold engagement rings are often compared to platinum engagement rings. And while they do look very similar, there are some key differences to keep in mind when deciding which type of metal to go with. Both give their rings a very cool, sophisticated look, and when not comparing them side by side it can be hard to tell them apart. But platinum is a very rare metal, and so it costs a lot more, so white gold engagement rings are much more friendly on your budget. Also, platinum does not need an extra coating, and is pretty durable. But, without that extra coating it does not shine as much as white gold engagement rings do. White gold is not found in nature, so it actually yellow gold mixed with other white metals to get the white look with the benefits of gold. Platinum is found in nature, but it is hard to come by. If the ring has to have sparkle and shine, look beyond the size and cut of the diamond to the type of metal that goes with it.

Posted on September 6, 2011 by Admin