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Victorian Engagement Rings: Beautiful for Centuries

There are trends, and then there are designs that stand the test of time, that are still beautiful a hundred years later, and will still be favoured for the next hundred years. Engagement rings are no different, and there are several different types of rings from different eras in history. Antique or vintage style engagement rings typically mean anything made before World War II. After that, jewellery designed changed dramatically because of the platinum shortage. But before that, beautiful rings from the Georgian period, the Victorian era, the Edwardian era, and the Art Deco period were all the rage and are still amazingly popular.

Victorian engagement rings were made from 1837-1901. These rings were almost always made in rose gold or yellow gold, because that was popular at the time, and readily available. After World War II, jewellery was not made of rose gold anymore until fairly recently, when all things vintage have come back into style. Another thing that makes Victorian engagement rings unique is the design element. They were characterized by three stone settings, or different motifs or shapes. They often had interlacing designs like hearts, initials, entwined serpents that symbolize eternal love. The Victorian era was a very sentimental time and these engagement rings reflect that.

Victorian engagement rings were also characterized by lots of engraving on the band and old-mine cut diamonds. An old-mine cut dates back to the seventeenth century, and is the cut that came before the round brilliant. The modern cushion cut that is so common today is actually an improved upon version of the old-mine cut.

Celebrities love Victorian engagement rings. They are very popular right now in Hollywood. Katy Perry, who recently married Russell Brand, received a Victorian when he proposed. And Anna Paquin also received a Victorian ring when she wed her co-star Stephen Moyer. Her ring has a rough old-mine cut and darkened metal, something that is hard to find outside that time period.

Victorian engagement rings have a sweet sentimental quality, not to mention a dazzling amount of beauty, that has withstood hundreds of years. These rings are gaining in popularity over a century after they were designed. Not many things in life have that attribute, but these engagement rings do.

Posted on October 31, 2011 by Admin