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Unusual Engagement Rings

Some women picture a traditional round-cut solitaire diamond engagement ring whenever they think of that magical moment when their true love will slip a ring upon their finger and ask for their hand in marriage. It’s a beautiful image, true, but for some, it can be made even more meaningful by the choosing of unusual engagement rings that differ from strict tradition.

In fact, here in the UK, we lead the way in non-traditional rings, from the stunning diamond-surrounded sapphire first worn by Diana and now by Princess Kate to the very latest in styles of unusual engagement rings that our fantastic jewelers are creating: Princess cut diamonds, three-stone rings, elegant emerald cuts, and contemporary settings and metals such as Palladium that quite eclipse the older styles.

There’s never anything wrong in sticking with the classics – and likewise, it’s never wrong to go with the colour of stone or metal, the cut, and the setting that makes your heart sing. After all, it’s a ring to reflect the commitment between two hearts, and it can be as personal and unique as each couple. Choosing unusual engagement rings lets the discerning bride-to-be show off her taste and sense of style. Many are choosing to use their birthstone – or that of their fiancé– as the centerpiece stone. Others who also want to choose unusual engagement rings stick with a central colourless diamond, but flank it with smaller birthstones.

The cut of the central stone can also set it apart from the ordinary. The princess cut looks modern, but not trendy. In fact, it’s a modern classic. It combines the exciting square shape with large facets that give it a brilliance to rival any round-cut solitaire. And the way it is set tends to make it look larger than its carat weight. The emerald cut, the oval, and the pear are also unusual choices that garner attention and admiration. They are time-honoured cuts just unusual enough to be eye-catching without ever looking like a fad.

Clusters of stones engagement rings, and trios of stones, make unusual engagement rings as well. In fact, the three-stone ring is well on its way to be a perfect mix of traditional and unique style. One thing is certain: Using an established, forward-thinking jewellery source is the best place to start – and finish – your quest for that perfect ring.

Posted on July 27, 2011 by Admin