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Unusual Engagement Rings: Unequaled Choices

No bride-to-be wants to excitedly hold her hand out so that everyone can admire her brand new ring, only to have someone say, “I saw that exact same ring just yesterday!” Even for the more traditional brides, this is not something anyone longs to hear. Luckily, with the vast array of options for engagement rings, having someone be able to say that is becoming increasingly unlikely. There are many different ways to create unusual engagement rings. Just one little thing that is different from a traditional ring can make all the difference, whether it is the metal you choose, or the design on the band. The number of stones, the type of stone, or the cut of the diamond. All these options just waiting for you to create the ultimate unusual ring.

Your first choice when designing unusual engagement rings is the type of metal you will choose. There are many different types, some of which are harder to come by than others. Platinum is the most popular metal for rings, and nearly everyone has heard of it. Yellow gold and white gold are also very popular. But there is also lesser-used but not any less beautiful metals. Rose gold was popular a century ago and is quickly becoming just as loved now. Palladium is also gaining in popularity. Titanium and silver are also commonly used in unusual engagement rings.

Another band choice that can make your ring very unique is adding scrollwork or filigree. Having designs and delicate patterns along the band are definitely something that will make your ring unequalled. Many rings also have designs made out of small, imbedded or inlaid diamonds that give the ring more sparkle.

The stone choice has an immense amount of choices. Choosing whether you will have just one large diamond, three large diamonds, a large diamond and lots of smaller diamonds is entirely up to taste and budget. But that is not the end of your possibilities. You can forgo a diamond entirely and have another precious gem, or have a precious gem and diamonds together. And the cut of your centre stone will also make an impact on the uniqueness of your ring. Round brilliant cuts are by far the most popular choice for engagement rings, but heart shape or pear shaped cuts are not seen as often and still make a very striking, beautiful ring.

Posted on February 8, 2012 by Admin