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Unique Engagement Rings: For the Individualistic Woman

Every girl is different. Every girl is special. And some brides want to celebrate that individuality with a ring that is just as individual as she is. In the ring world, there are traditional engagement rings and unique engagement rings, and the line between the two is a blurry one, because so much of what makes something unique is attributed to personal style. However, for the man searching for a distinctive ring there are a few common factors that unique engagement rings have all seem to have.

Often unique engagement rings are confused with modern engagement rings. This is not the case. Unique means having no equal or existing as the sole example. While finding a ring that is the sole example on the whole planet might be difficult unless you can design your own, finding a ring that is not like every other ring is not hard. Many antique rings are unique because of the extensive scroll work and filigree that rings made in the previous century have. They also have metal that is not in common use today, such as rose gold, and they commonly used pearls and other uncommon gems instead of diamonds. Because techniques such as these fell out of style for several decades, rings made from antique time periods definitely fall into the beautifully unique category.

One thing that makes a ring unique is the choice of stone. Some engagement rings forgo a centre stone completely. Others use coloured precious gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. These stones make a stunning statement on a solitaire setting, or they can be combined with other coloured stones and diamonds to make a creative arrangement that will be truly original.

Another thing that can make unique engagement rings is the choice of metal. Platinum, yellow gold, and white gold are all very popular. Rose gold, as mentioned earlier, was used in the late 1800s but is making a comeback now. Another option is to have a two-toned ring, with rose gold or yellow gold and a white metal together in the same setting. The intricate junction of the two colours in the same ring can make as much of a declaration as the stone.

Unique rings are perfect for the woman who embraces her individuality. These rings, whether they have colourful stones, singular diamond cuts, or interesting metals and settings, show her that you know her so well that you can find her the perfect ring, the one that fits her personality the way no traditional ring would be able to.

Posted on January 23, 2012 by Admin