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Unique Engagement Rings are a Personal Touch

One of the wonderful things about engagement rings is that there are so many different options available, finding the right one for the right person is exciting and fun. And if the one you want to spend the rest of your life with has her heart set on a truly original ring, there are a lot of unique engagement rings out there, so many, in fact, that your trial will not be finding one that truly fits, but choosing one of the many.

There are many ways to find unique engagement rings. One way is to design it yourself. That way you get something that is exactly what you are envisioning, and because you created it, it will be a ring like no other. There are several places that help you to do that, online and in retail stores. If designing your own unique engagement rings is a bit overwhelming, you can still add your own personal touch by choosing the perfect stone to go in a pre-made setting.

Because everyone has different tastes and preferences, deciding what actually makes unique engagement rings is up to you. Traditionally, when we think of engagement rings we think of a diamond solitaire on a gold band. But now, you can customize your ring by choosing different metals for the band; anything from gold to platinum, silver to palladium. And on the band you can have words engraved on the inside, or delicate designs engraved along the outside – waves or flowers or ivy. Different stones, too, can give you unique engagement rings. Instead of a diamond, choose her birthstone as the main gem, or her favourite colour. Look up the meaning of different precious stones and choose one that fits what you want your ring to say.

Even if what unique engagement rings are what you are looking for, you can find inspiration in traditional or historic rings and give them a modern twist. This is can be a very personal choice if there is a ring or other piece of jewellery that has existed in the family for generations. Modelling your ring after that but giving it your own twist will create a ring that will always have a place close to your heart.

Unique engagement rings are so much fun because you can take something so beautiful and make it truly yours. You can find something that speaks volumes about the person you want to spend forever with, and about the love you share.

Posted on June 16, 2011 by Admin