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Understanding the Different Colours of Gold for Engagement Rings

Gold has the unique ability to maintain its high lustre even after years of use. Commonly chosen for engagement and wedding rings, it is hoped that the relationship will be as long-lasting as the precious metal used in the ring. The diamond is a universal symbol of love and commitment. If you are in the market for an engagement ring, here are some things to keep in mind while shopping.

Coloured Gold
Gold is naturally yellow and very soft. Other metals such as nickel, copper and palladium are added to both strengthen the metal and alter the colour. 24kt gold is pure, and as metals are added that purity will drop. Most engagement rings will be either 14 or 18 kt gold. Expect higher end rings to be crafted from 18kt gold.

Gold is available in colours ranging from white and yellow to pink and green, depending on the alloys that are added to make it stronger. The most common colours chosen for gold engagement rings are yellow and white. Because gold is malleable, it can be worked into almost any shape that is desired. Whether you are looking for a basic solitaire setting with prongs that twist around for added interest or a setting that is filled with loops and swirls, it can be crated in gold.

Sizing Gold
Rings can easily be sized up or down within a certain range. Adjusting the size in either direction by more than a few sizes can cause problems for the setting, so there may be some cases where the proper size must be special ordered.

That Glitter
The greatest draw of gold engagement rings is that the glitter and spark of the gold is never lost. While gold may need to be shined once in a while and regular cleaning is suggested, the actual glitter will never fade. For as long as the love is there, the ring will continue to shine. Whether you are choosing a sapphire for the engagement ring or a traditional diamond, it is certain to look stunning when set in gold.

Posted on September 1, 2011 by Admin