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Three Stone Engagement Rings Pack Triple the Punch

There is a saying: “You can never have too much of a good thing.” Apparently that saying has some truth to it, especially where engagement rings are concerned. Why have a ring with only one diamond when you can have a ring with three? Three stone engagement rings are phenomenal, because they take the power, beauty, sparkle and shine of a solitaire engagement ring, and multiply it by three. That is a lot of beauty in one little ring. And with three stone engagement rings, you have more options to make your ring even more unique, more yours.

There are a lot of different ways to customize three stone engagement rings. One is to start with the diamonds. You can have three diamonds that are all the same shape and size. It gives three stone engagement rings a uniform appearance to your ring, a sense of balance. But get a little more creative, and you can have three diamonds that are different sizes. For example, the main diamond can be bigger than the two side diamonds, or the side diamonds do not have to be diamonds at all. They can be coloured gems – birthstones or some other beautiful colour that means something to the two of you. This accentuates the centre diamond and draws the eye right into the core of the ring.

Three stone engagement rings can be customized further by choosing a different metal for your band. There are several different metal types to choose from, so it really just depends on your budget and your future fiancée sense of style. From silver to gold, palladium to platinum, there is a metal for every taste and budget. Once that is chosen, there is another way to really make three stone engagement rings uniquely yours. Often, words of love and promise are engraved along the inside of the band. It is not there to make the ring stand out more, it is there to make the ring mean more. Only you and the one you love will see it on a regular basis, but the knowledge that it is there will stay with you both, etching its way into your heart.

Posted on August 16, 2011 by Admin