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The Timeless Beauty of White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold is the choice of many when considering diamond engagement rings. Some of the most popular and well-loved choices for rings and wedding bands today are the white gold engagement rings. Pure gold is very soft. When another metal is added to elemental gold, the resulting alloy is stronger, more durable, longer lasting. In white gold this alloy of gold and some other metal, usually silver or palladium, is often plated with rhodium, a hard, shiny, white metal that gives the ring a silvery lustre.

There are many types and styles of pre-set engagement rings offered from reputable jewellers, including settings with side stones, solitaire rings, diamond rings with other gem stones in the setting, engagement rings with matching bands, and pave settings to showcase a centre diamond. There are also designers who will help clients in designing exclusively original, personalized white gold engagement rings.

Many white gold engagement rings offer settings with side stones, and include a series of smaller diamonds placed on either side of a larger stone, directing the eye to showcase the larger centre diamond. Other settings offer the unique placement of an off-centre diamond. More and more engagement rings are also being seen today with not just one larger diamond, but a delicate display of rows or series of smaller diamonds enhancing the white gold band.

Often engagement settings with side stones are done in a pave setting. In this procedure many small stones can be set close together and close to the surface of the band. In this way the stones look as if they have been paved into the band itself. This gives a very distinctive appearance and looks as if the band has been rolled in gemstones. Translucent stones are especially beautiful as the light sparkles through them against the classic purity of the white gold engagement rings.

When considering a white gold engagement ring, whether the preference is a striking solitaire, a larger diamond complimented by smaller diamonds, a traditional setting, or a pave setting, the choices available for white gold engagement rings are almost limitless. Each personal decision, with the help of professional jewellers and gem stone craftsmen, is sure to be the right choice.

Posted on August 18, 2011 by Admin