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The Importance of Cut and Colour in Diamond Engagement Rings

When talking about engagement rings, cut refers to the symmetry of the stone. Many people mistake this for the shape, but in fact the cut is one of the most important properties of a diamond because it determines the brilliance of the stone. Diamonds which have been properly cut will allow the maximum amount of light to enter as well as refract through the actual stone. This is what creates the brilliance associated with diamond engagement rings. Experienced diamond cutters know precisely how to cut a diamond so that will be neither too deep nor too shallow. Diamonds for engagement rings that are cut improperly will not be able to refract much light and will consequently have a dull look to them.

Buying on-line is an excellent way to browse a variety of different engagement rings and compare different options to ensure you find the best cut possible. It also allows you the ability to compare prices and different setting options so that you can be sure you love the engagement ring you purchase.

Colour in Diamond Engagement Rings

How important is colour when it comes to purchasing engagement rings? Today many of the most popular engagement rings actually do have some colour to them and even celebrities have begun wearing rings with coloured diamonds, especially the very popular champagne diamonds.

Even so, the most highly valued engagement rings are usually those with colourless or near colourless diamonds. This is because the more colours that is present in a diamond, the more light will be absorbed and therefore less light will be able to pass through the stone. As a result, it will be less brilliant. Diamonds are graded using a 23 point scale, beginning at D and going through to Z. Completely colourless diamonds are rated as D while Z rated diamonds have a noticeable amount of colour. Needless to say, completely colourless diamonds are quite rare and as a result engagement rings with colourless diamonds will be expensive. Diamonds with a slight amount of colour will be less expensive. It is also important to keep in mind that the presence of colour in a diamond can also affect the brilliance.

Posted on April 5, 2011 by Admin