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The Basics For Your Engagement Ring

You are ready to make a huge commitment. You are ready to take that next big step in your life. And to begin that, you want to purchase an engagement ring. But what kind of engagement ring will you buy? It does not seem to be such a hard question, but with the many different choices available, you can quickly become lost and overwhelmed. Knowing a little beforehand about what type of diamond cuts are available and knowing the basics about colour, cut, and clarity will help you get the best diamond for your money.

You would expect the size of your diamond to have the biggest impact on the price of your diamond, but that is not the only thing. The cut, colour and clarity also play quite a significance in price. Colour means how clear the diamond is. It ranges on a scale from clear to a yellowish, sometimes visible to the naked eye. The more colour you can see, the less expensive your engagement ring will be. Clarity is the amount of flaws in the diamond. Flawless diamonds are very rare, but you can get one with imperfections that are not visible unless they are under a microscope, and it will cost you less.

Cut is talking about the shape of the diamond. They do not come shaped that way. They have to be cut from a rough diamond, and different cuts use more of the whole diamond. The better the cut, the more facets the diamond will have, and the more your engagement ring will sparkle and shine. The round brilliant is the most popular of all the diamond shapes, but jewellers and ring designers like the princess cut because it uses more of the original crystal.

Understanding the basics behind what makes a diamond cost what it does will help you when you go ring shopping. That way, you will know what you want, what compromises you are willing to make, and what you absolutely must have in your engagement ring to make it the right one for you. And finding the right engagement ring will make you both happy for a long, long time.

Posted on August 17, 2011 by Admin