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Solitaire Engagement Rings: The Symbol of Proposals

When you think proposal, the image that comes to mind is a very handsome man, down on one knee. And he is holding a solitaire engagement ring. If you do an image search for engagement rings, the most common result will be solitaire engagement rings. They are the iconic symbol of what proposals and engagements are. There is a reason for that. It is because solitaire engagement rings brilliantly showcase the diamond in a way that no other setting does. The diamond is the main attraction, and there is nothing to distract from it.

That is not to say that solitaire engagement rings all look the same. You can still get a unique, one-of-a-kind ring and still have the beauty of a solitaire. For example, your choice of metal for the band can give you a more customized look. There are several different metal choices, all in different price ranges. The least expensive would be silver, and then yellow gold, white gold, palladium, and finally platinum engagement ring. The reason for this is because silver is fairly common, and platinum is pretty rare. So you are paying for the rareness of the metal. Of course, they all have their pros and cons, so you are also paying for durability, scratch-resistance, and shine. Once you choose your metal, you can go even further and have the band of your solitaire engagement rings engraved. Words that hold a special meaning to both of you can be engraved on the inside, or you can have designs on the outside.

You can also create more exclusive solitaire engagement rings by choosing a precious gem in place of a diamond. There are many different kinds of gems to choose from, in all different colours. The creative thing about this is that colours have meanings, so you can choose a gem with a colour that has meaning to you, such as a birthstone, a stone for the month you met, or her favourite colour. There are countless different options if you want your solitaire engagement rings to be a little more exceptional.

Solitaire engagement rings are the iconic symbol for proposals for good reason. They are simple, yet beautiful. Traditional and timeless. They show off the stone without anything else to distract from its shine and elegance, while still giving you a ring that is unique to you and the love that you will forever share.

Posted on June 28, 2011 by Admin