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Solitaire Engagement Rings Have Endless Possibilities

She has no idea. He has sweaty palms and a dry mouth and his heart is racing like a freight train and she has no idea. He has a little box in his jacket pocket that feels like it is burning a hole through his chest. He has spent countless hours pouring over hundreds of different styles of rings. He did his homework and he learned about the four ā€œCā€™sā€ and he learned about all the different metals available. He saved up his salary and finally bought the most beautiful ring he could find, all leading him to this very moment, where he sits with his stomach tied in knots. And she has no idea.

One thing he realized fairly quickly is that for surprises, solitaire engagement rings are the safest choice. That is because it really is not possible to go wrong with solitaire engagement rings. They are brilliantly simple, but if she likes more unique features or more diamonds, it is incredibly easy to add them with the wedding band. Many wedding bands are made specifically to go around these engagement rings. These types of bands will not work with more elaborate styles or multiple stone settings, so with those you have what you have and there are not a lot of options to work with. But solitaire engagement rings are full of options. Wedding bands can be just a simple band and leave the centre stone as the showcased feature, or they can come with accents to fit around the stone. Other stones that turn her solitaire engagement ring into a three-stone ring, or smaller stones as accents on either side.

By definition, solitaire engagement rings mean one diamond. But that does not mean that it has to be one diamond on a plane band. These rings can have smaller diamonds paved into the band, or the band itself can be more intricate with weaving or designs or engravings.

Solitaire engagement rings are simple, and simple has a beauty all its own. These rings really showcase the diamond, making it the key point that attracts the eye. But they also have so many options that customizing your ring is only as limited as your imagination.

Posted on October 19, 2011 by Admin