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Simple Guide to Help You Choose the Right Engagement Ring

There is no question in my mind that if you are looking online for an engagement ring then you are at the start of a very exciting journey in your life. I am sure you have heard many stories from your friends and family about their proposals, you might have seen lots of official engagements on the news or celebrity engagement parties in magazines. All of those stories have the one thing that fairy tales are made of: a man goes down on one knee and shows a little box to the love of his life with the hope that once she sees the beautiful sparkle of the engagement ring a big smile will appear and she will say “Yes!”

Well, here you are looking for a very special ring for a very special person. This is one of the most important purchases you will make in your life and undoubtedly would like to impress and surprise her. If you are not sure about the style of the engagement ring that she would like then don’t panic. By simply observing the type of jewellery your woman wears on a day to day basis will express to you what shapes or styles of engagement she will find attractive. If you are an absolute novice to the ring world and have no clue about the carat, colour, clarity and the cut of the engagement rings, don’t worry, you are in the majority here. Most men simply do their best by choosing the engagement ring they like the look of and hope that the receiving party will like it too. That is all you can do after all.

From a woman’s prospective, there are a few tips I can give you which might help guide you along the way of choosing the most perfect engagement ring for you lady.

  • First of all, take a look at whether you woman wears a ring on daily basis and if she does then take notice of its size, colour and shape. If it has a single stone in the middle of the band or a single stone with couple of stones running along the band then she will most probably like the single stone or single stone with shoulders engagement ring, which is actually the most popular type amongst engagement rings. If the jewellery she normally wears is predominantly silver looking, which I must say, has become incredibly popular in the recent years then go for a white gold, palladium or platinum engagement ring. The difference between those metals is durability and scratch resistancy with platinum being the premium quality above all other metals. If you notice that your woman likes a lot of ostentatious, shiny jewellery then something like a cluster or multi-stone engagement ring could be just what she will adore. It gives out such amazing shine as it has lots of smaller stones set together and costs much less than a single big diamond.
  • If you have never seen her wearing any rings before that is most probably because she finds it uncomfortable or just doesn’t like wearing rings at all. But rest assured, any woman will still be very excited about showing off her engagement ring to her girlfriends and family. So the best ring to buy in this case is a simple classic: white or yellow gold single stone diamond engagement ring with a dainty band. These types of rings are very simple and elegant and would not be too showy for someone who doesn’t normally wear rings.
  • The cut of the diamond should be just your preference with her style in mind. Look at the shapes of the necklaces or earrings she normally wears. That could be your guide on the type of cut to go for.
  • The carat size of your engagement ring (the size of the diamond) would be purely driven by your budget, with anything from 0.5 to 1 carat being the most common sizes.
  • Finally, the clarity of the engagement ring is somewhat important. With SI1 and SI2 being slightly included, meaning that there are slight imperfections in the diamond internally which you can only see through a 10 magnification loupe. VS1 and VS2, VVS1 and VVS2 clarity having very small inclusions which are hard to see through a loupe and with IF and FL being the premium diamonds with no inclusions or imperfections internally. Here all depends on how much money you are prepared to part with, but bear in mind the VS and SI clarity engagement rings are amongst the most popular ones.

I hope this helps a little and don’t forget that you can only do your best. What really matters to us women is your thought, love and courage it takes you to ask us that question.

Posted on August 5, 2011 by Admin