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Ruby Engagement Rings: Passion and Desire

Engagement rings mean love. It is a very simple concept and pretty much everyone agrees. They also agree that engagement rings mean commitment and devotion. The circle of the band, with no ending and no beginning, can symbolize eternity. It is sweet and sentimental. Ruby engagement rings can also be sweet and sentimental, but the deep, glowing crimson of a red ruby can also symbolize passion and desire. And there are very few newly weds who would not love to have a marriage full of passion and desire.

Ruby engagement rings are popular with celebrities and royalty as well, and probably for the same reason. Jessica Simpson bought her own ruby engagement ring before she got engaged to boyfriend Eric Johnson. Her’s is a three stone ring with a ruby in the centre and diamonds on each side, designed by Neil Lane. And the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson also had a ruby engagement ring that she received from Prince Andrew many years ago. It is said he bought her the ring to match her brilliant red hair. The round brilliant ruby in her ring is surrounded by several triangle diamonds.

When speaking of natural hardiness, rubies are second only to diamonds. They are part of the corundum family, which also produces sapphires. This gemstone family is made by aluminium oxide, which makes them very hard. Rubies have a long history of symbolism. Ancient Burmese warriors kept them when they rode into battle for protection. It is also believed that they warn the wearer of danger, and that they can keep away enemies and danger. Ruby engagement rings are also said to be able to cure many different types of diseases. A ruby is also the birthstone for July, so many July brides are more partial to ruby engagement rings.

Rubies are rare, which is part of the reason they cost so much. However, there are different grades of rubies, which also affect the bottom line. Rubies can run from a very dark red to a light pink, and deep, vibrant gems will cost more than lighter pink stones. Keep in mind that some jewellers treat their rubies with dyes and coatings to make them appear darker than they actually are, so always ask if your ruby has been treated. Look for a deep red ruby with an astounding brilliance. That will be the ruby that is worth the most.

Ruby rings symbolize all the things a couple can hope for as they start out on their new journey: Love, passion, desire, and happiness.

Posted on January 26, 2012 by Admin