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Rose Gold Engagement Rings: A Blush of Beauty

Often, when we are looking for engagement rings, it is the big rock in the centre that seems to be the most important. But the setting of the ring makes just as big of an impact, and choosing the right metal for that setting is as important as choosing the right stone. There are several that are fairly common. Platinum is very popular, and so is yellow gold and white gold. And a century ago there was another metal that was wildly in demand, one that is making a comeback in a huge way, and for a good reason. Rose gold has been around for a very long time, and while it fell out of popular use with the Art Deco period, it is coming back now because of the love of all things traditional and antique.

Rose gold looks similar to yellow gold as far as the lovely warmth is concerned. But rose gold engagement rings have a pink hue that is even more romantic. There are different shades of rose gold, ranging from red to light pink. Natural gold that is found in nature is yellow, so there is no such thing as a pure rose gold. But many colours can be made and used in jewellery, from white gold to rose gold and green gold. Rose gold is made by combining it with zinc and copper. The more copper it has, the more red the gold will be.

Rose gold engagement rings were very popular in Russia in the early 1900s, so it was commonly referred to as Russian gold, although no one uses that term any more. The Victorian Era loved rose gold, and most engagement rings made during this time were crafted from rose gold. Now, many rings are crafted with rose gold in an attempt to recreate the romanticism and beauty from the period. Rose gold makes a stunning statement used as an accent to platinum or white gold, bringing the warmth of a pink blush into the cool beauty of white metals.

Rose gold engagement rings have been immensely popular for over a hundred years, and they are well loved all over the globe for very good reason. Brides-to-be adore the romantic pink and red hues of this beautiful metal. It is the perfect offset for the frozen allure of a diamond or the cool elegance of white metals.

Posted on December 23, 2011 by Admin