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Princess Cut Engagement Rings: Perfect for a Princess

Nearly every little girl wants to be a princess at one time or another. And for many, that dream does not change as she grows up. Don’t we all want to feel pampered and precious like royalty every so often? And what better time than when we are engaged, planning our fairy tale wedding. There is even the perfect shaped diamond to go with our princess dreams – the princess cut engagement ring.

Princess cut engagement rings are the most popular non-round style. A princess cut is characterized by its square shape and pointed corners. It is cut to maximize its facets, giving these rings extraordinary brilliance and sparkle. Many other cuts may maximize the clarity or the colour of the diamond, but this is specifically cut to give the ring fire. That may be why princess cut engagement rings are so popular with buyers. Secretly, everyone knows that the most important part of engagement rings is the sparkle and the way it reflects the light. To make the most of this type of cut, a diamond with a good colour grading is important. Lesser colour gradings can show yellow or brown in the corners, although not necessarily to the naked eye.

Not only are princess cut rings popular with brides-to-be, but gem cutters and jewellers also love a princess cut. Originally, this cut was invented to use more of the rough diamond. Where round brilliant diamonds only use about 50% of the rough diamond, princess cut diamonds use 80%, meaning a lot less of the rough diamond is wasted. That transfers to the price of the diamond, making princess cuts less expensive than many other cuts. Another benefit to using more of the rough diamond is that there are fewer cuts, which means fewer chances for inclusions, scrapes, or other flaws during the cutting process.

For every girl who secretly, or not-so-secretly, dreams of being a princess on her wedding day, princess cut engagement rings are her match made in heaven. And because of their beauty and sparkle, they are the perfect ring for every girl who wants a ring that rivals the stars in the sky.

Posted on April 5, 2012 by Admin