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Princess Cut Engagement Rings for Your Fairy Tale Princess

There are many things to think about when you are going ring shopping. It is an exciting thing, but it can also be a little scary and maybe overwhelming. Not only do you have to choose the metal for the band and setting, but you have to choose the diamond, and then you have to choose the cut of the diamond. And there are several to choose from. One type of cut that is extremely popular right now are princess cut engagement rings.

If the girl who will wear this ring is your fairy tale princess, then the perfect ring for her could be a princess cut. Princess cut engagement rings are the most popular non-round type of diamond cuts available. A princess cut is square. There are about five other diamond cuts that are square or rectangle. The difference with a princess cut engagement ring is that its cut has pointed corners, so keep in mind that the setting for your princess cut engagement rings should protect the corners of the diamond. It was cut so that the facets will produce a shine and brilliance very similar to a round brilliant, but because of the way the facets are cut, the yellow or green colours can be seen in the corners if the diamond is not fairly colourless. For these rings, a G rating or above will probably look best. On the bright side, internal flaws and weaknesses are less visible in princess cut engagement rings.

Princess cut engagement rings can come as solitaires, or combined with other diamonds. Some options is having three princess cut diamonds, or one surrounded by much smaller baguettes. What works best is entirely different from person to person and will come down to personal style and taste.

Celebrities also love princess cut engagement rings. Carrie Ann Inaba, from the U.S. Dancing with the Stars, recently received a princess cut engagement ring from her fiancé. The ring is 2.5 carats and was designed by Rafinity Jewellers. Her ring has her birthstone and her fiancé’s birthstone embedded on the inside of the ring.

Princess cut engagement rings are very popular right now, for celebrities and regular happy couples. The cut is designed for maximum brilliance and gives you a more unique cut than a round brilliant. A princess cut engagement ring is perfect for your princess.

Posted on November 14, 2011 by Admin