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Princess Cut Engagement Rings for a Queen

Princess cut engagement rings are not for the cookie cutter bride. This beautiful, “square” diamond is actually an upside down pyramid. They are cut with depth and provide brilliant sparkle. Princess cut engagement rings were named and introduced in the 1960′s. This stone is head turning as a solitaire and catches and reflects light better than the marquis and emerald cut. It’s beauty and distinct four corner shape is easily enhanced by other diamonds to create a unique and personal setting.

Colour, cut and clarity are important aspects of princess cut engagement rings. It is a slightly more forgiving cut and actually makes use of eighty percent of the rough diamond. The larger surface area of princess cut engagement rings will give the groom more bang for his buck and his bride to be will become the envy of her friends. They simply are a beautiful and distinct alternative to the more popular round stone. Also referred to as a fancy cut diamond, the princess cut is enhanced by using facets instead of the usual step cut. Facets translate into sparkle, brilliance and the WOW factor that all brides are seeking.

The round diamond is by far the most popular cut in the world today. Princess cut engagement rings will set you apart from the crowd. Seventy five percent of diamond sales are the traditional round stone. Square diamonds have a clean, sleek and sophisticated appearance. They are the perfect compromise of brilliance and economic savvy. Princess cut engagement rings are often less expensive than a round stone of equal cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. This stone matches the round in sparkle and fire while giving the bride a ring that is not on every hand.

A princess cut diamond is the perfect marriage of beauty and sophistication, unique design and timeless elegance. Any queen would say “yes” to this engagement ring.

Posted on August 31, 2011 by Admin