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You have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. And now you need a ring that will tell her exactly how you feel, one that will impress her, impress her friends. Impress her family. You also want one that will give you the most value and beauty for your money. The dilemma, then, is how to do that. And princess cut engagement rings are your answer.

Princess cut engagement rings have been around for ages. They are the square cuts, with the inverted pyramid bottom. They are so popular with buyers because while other diamond cuts emphasize the clarity and the lustre of the gem, princess cut engagement rings emphasize the fire and brilliance. And really, when you are thinking about an engagement ring, it is the sparkle that causes all the excitement. Sure, she might be admiring how it looks on her finger, but a woman holds her hand out and twists it this way and that to catch the light and watch her ring sparkle. The reason for the sparkle is that the princess cut engagement rings have 58 facets, whereas the round brilliant, the most popular diamond cut, only has 48. It is cut so that there is a cross-reflective pattern, meaning it catches more light and sends it back.

The princess cut engagement rings are so popular with gem cutters and jewellers because they use more of the rough cut diamond. While the round brilliant style uses only about 50% of the rough diamond, the princess cut uses 80%. For that reason, the princess cut engagement rings are slightly less expensive for the same carat weight as other diamond cuts. Another benefit to having to cut less of the rough diamond is that it usually means fewer flaws and scratches, and more possibility of getting a flawless or higher rated diamond.

Princess cut engagement rings are all about sparkle, fire, and brilliance. So when your fiancé excitedly holds her hand out to show off her ring, her friends and family will be momentarily blinded by the light shimmering back at them, and then of course, they will be very impressed. Because everyone knows that engagement rings are really all about the sparkle.

Posted on July 6, 2011 by Admin