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Prince William’s Engagement Ring: From His Mother, With Love

Perhaps one of the most famous engagement rings in the world, Lady Diana’s engagement ring was so popular it was followed by hundreds of designs incredibly similar, and even now you can buy one from the Garrard catalogue. That is, if you had the money, and since the ring is an 18-carat, saying it is a bit pricey might be an understatement. The sapphire alone is worth nearly £189,000, and the ring itself is estimated to be worth £315,000. However, the thing that makes this ring so famous is not the size, or the setting or the cost. It is the woman wearing it. First, Lady Diana, and now Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. It is also famous because when Lady Diana died, it became Prince William engagement ring, and he chose to give it to Kate. It is famous because of the unique story behind it.

The Prince William engagement ring has a sapphire centre ring that is 12-carats and is surrounded by smaller diamonds, set in beautiful 18-carat white gold. While Prince William engagement ring is so expensive because it is associated with the Royal Family, replicas are considerably less expensive and nearly as pretty. Sapphires are more rare than diamonds, but because there is not as high of a demand for them, they cost less. Or at least, they did until Prince William engagement ring was unveiled and the demand for sapphire rings sky rocketed.

Prince William gave his mother’s ring to Kate to bring a symbol of Diana into their wedding. Since she obviously could not be there herself, he wanted the ring to represent her in spirit. Kate has said she hopes she can do Prince William engagement ring, and its sweet memory, justice.

Prince William engagement ring was beautifully touching when he gave it to Kate, but when Lady Diana chose it, it caused a bit of a scandal, because any member of the general public could pick out such a ring. The Royal Family traditionally had very exclusive rings, but Diana knew what she wanted and continued wearing it throughout her life. Of course, once she chose the ring, similar looking rings exploded into the jewellery industry.

Posted on September 19, 2011 by Admin