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Platinum Engagement Rings are Strong Enough for a Lifetime

Shopping for engagement rings? There are times in life when only the best will do. Although definitions of the best vary from person to person, many consider platinum engagement rings to be unparalleled in their excellence. For good reason, too, because platinum engagement rings have many benefits. But in a world where you get what you pay for, you definitely can end up paying for all these benefits. Whether the cost is worth it is, of course, up to you, but being informed about what you are actually buying when you are ring shopping will help you make the best decision.

When they say platinum engagement rings are the premium in engagement rings, they are talking about one, how popular they are. Platinum is bought so often because many women love the cool beauty and the way it makes the diamond seem to sparkle even more. Platinum engagement rings and other white metals are more complimentary to many different types of skin tones than yellow gold. And platinum is more hypo allergenic than white gold or yellow gold, meaning more women with sensitive skin can wear it without having an unfavourable reaction.

Besides its extreme beauty, platinum engagement rings are a favourite because of their incredible durability and strength. Unlike white gold, which is very soft and has to have a coating to make it scratch and dent resistant, platinum is just that strong. It is one of the most durable and long lasting metals available in the engagement ring world. Because it is so strong, sometimes it is used for the prongs in a ring setting even when the rest of the ring is made of gold.

But platinum is a rare precious metal. Because it is not as plentiful as gold, it costs more. Sometimes up to ten times more than a gold ring. You make up for the cost in the fact that it requires very little upkeep throughout its lifetime and even after many years, it will show few signs of wear. And sometimes the fact that platinum is rare and is more costly can actually be a benefit to many women.

Platinum engagement rings are the champion in the ring world, although the champion comes at a price. It is up to personal style and budget to decide if that price is worth it to you or not.

Posted on October 13, 2011 by Admin