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Platinum Engagement Rings are Fit for a Queen

This is it. You have been searching for the One your whole life, and you have finally found her. She is so amazing and so special, and you want the very best for her. Which is why you are looking at platinum engagement rings. Louis the XV of France said Platinum is the only metal fit for royalty, and if you want to treat her like a queen, platinum engagement rings are where you should look.

What is it that makes platinum engagement rings the best of the best? For one thing, platinum is more rare than the other types of metals, and because it is more rare it costs more. It is also incredibly strong and durable and it resists tarnish. It is a white metal, and it shines beautifully. Especially when combined with a diamond or another type of beautiful gem. Platinum engagement rings have a brilliance that is unequalled.

Other metals are usually a mixture. Gold is mixed with silver or nickel to make it more durable, and that can wear and tarnish over time. Silver is mixed with copper, and when it wears over time it can start to turn skin green. But all platinum rings have a hallmark stamped inside, informing the buyer that it is pure platinum. If it does not, it should be less expensive.

Platinum engagement rings are strong enough and durable enough to last a lifetime. They come in all kinds of different styles and shapes, such as waves or crossovers, and you can engrave the inside or design the outside of the band. Another bonus to platinum engagement rings is that they compliment any type of stone you dream of putting with it. They make diamonds sparkle more exquisitely, and provide a stunning background to sapphires or emeralds or any other colour of gem.

You have waited all your life to find the woman you want to marry, and now you get to find the perfect ring to go with her. There are a lot of options available, but if you want a ring that is fit for a queen, platinum engagement rings are perfect for royalty.

Posted on July 7, 2011 by Admin