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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings are a Beautiful Option for Every Bride

Before someone has ventured into the engagement ring world, they might mistakenly assume that their choices are fairly limited. Yellow gold or white gold. Round diamond or…round diamond. But once they step foot into this whole beautiful, shiny, sparkly world they quickly realize that the options are pretty much endless when searching for an engagement ring.

One of the many different choices you will have to make is what kind of diamond shape you would like. There are several different ones, from round brilliants which are the most common to princess cut which is the most popular non-round diamond. And then there are heart cuts and marquis cuts. One of the most beautiful ring cuts if you are looking for something that is different than the traditional round or princess cuts is the pear cut. Pear Shaped engagement rings have many benefits to them, two of which being that they are stunning and also somewhat uncommon.

Pear shaped engagement rings are named because they resemble a pear, being wider and round at one end and coming to a point at the other. They are also known as tear-drop cuts because of their shape. It is cut to maximize its facets, so there is a lot of shine and sparkle. And because of their elongated shape, they can have a slimming effect on the finger. Pear shaped engagement rings can come in a variety of different styles. One option is to have the pear cut as the centre stone, either by itself as a solitaire or with side stones as well. Another option is pear shaped engagement rings that have a different type of cut for the centre stone and have the pear shaped cuts as the shoulder stones, with the points outward, giving the ring a brilliant accentuation.

The engagement ring world is vast and full of decisions. Some are dependant on budget, and some are based on personal taste. There are current trends, but there is no right or wrong look or cut or metal. The only thing that matters is what is right for you and the one you love.

Posted on November 1, 2011 by Admin